Price 2017

Prices for 2017

Our price had not increased for several years, but due to the increase in operating costs, we did not have any other choice.

Hourly rate

Our hourly rate is 40$ an hour, much less of our competitors.

Our tasks with fixed prices

Some tasks that we perform for our customers are fixed price, here is a detailed list of these:

- Format and reinstall your windows OS (Operating System) : $ 100

- Cleaning of virus (if possible before performing a reinstall of the OS): $ 50

- Fast physical celan-up, (air wind only): $ 15

- Physical cleaning quickly and efficiently, regardless of the computer or electronic device (portable or towers): $ 40

- Installation of an antivirus (not included purchased antivirus license price): $ 20


-Phone support and control remotely available on request (price charged at the time), service contracts available on request.

A section of online support is available at all times.

To open a Support request, go to the addresse following:

Support Cdrbe section

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